There is always this belief that a lady who is smart, caring and educated and also a virgin in their late twenties or early thirties is a very big curse or seems to be very abnormal. It might surprise you that about 4.8% of women between ages 25-29 are virgins and between ages 30 and 34, there are about 3.3% virgins and also 1.5% between 35 and 39 all in women only.

Usually, people that have not lost their energy at age 30 always find things difficult and they face loads of challenges everyday, and part of these challenges is the misguided perception of others. Instead of virgins remaining proud that they have been able to keep their virginity, the society has however made that look weird.

If you are a virgin at thirty, here are some helpful tips for you.

Focus on Your Social Life

Try focusing on your social life and trust that things would work out well. You can balance your social life with anything else you are doing an apart from this; a go social life is what requires you to meet that wonderful partner you have been waiting for.

Don’t Wait for THE One

Never attempt this. Some people claim that they are waiting for their soulmate, an at times this is just a fantasy which might never get fulfilled. In a bid to searching for your soulmate, you could have missed an opportunity on a very good partner

How to Meet Singles like You

You can also try meeting up with singles just like you. By doing this, you might be lucky enough to meet someone. You could also meet a jerk, and a jerk is someone who would show you what you don’t want in a relationship so you would be able to know what you want.